San Deigo Beaches Guide

San Diego California offers some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. From the densely populated for the social butterfly, to the very secluded for a romantic getaway. San Diego beaches will surely satisfy anyone's desire for fun under the sun. Below we have listed some of the most popular beaches in the San Diego area! Feel free to browse around and find the beach that fits you getaway plans while your in sunny San Diego!

San Diego Area Beaches 

Border Field State Beach - Located just minutes north of the Mexican border, this beach is popular to hikers and horseback riders. Swimming is not allowed at any time during the year and definitely in the winter due to sewage contamination from Tijuana, Mexico. The beach is open Thursday - Sunday in the summer and it's closed in the winter. - South Bay, San Diego 

Beacons Beach - Tricky getting down the bluff, can be difficult if you have small children or a lot of gear, no alcohol policy, no lifeguards. - San Diego 

Cardiff State Beach - A nice family beach, though it gets crowded during summer months. - San Diego 

Grandview Beach - The view is indeed grand. - San Diego 

Stonesteps Beach - Killer stairs, perfect for the fitness enthusiast, check tide charts first as the beach disappears at high tide. - San Diego 

Moonlight Beach - The beach of all beaches, everything you look for in a good beach, no alcohol allowed. - San Diego 

D Street Beach - Quiet and secluded, steep stairs from the top of the bluffs. - San Diego 

Swami's Beach - Immortalized in the Beach Boys' Surfin' USA, long steep stairs lead down to the beach. - San Diego 

Imperial Beach - The clean beaches are open all year and are protected by the International Boundary Wastewater Treatment Plant. Imperial Beach is known for world-class waves and it's natural surroundings. The Tijuana Estuary is a international favorite for birdwatchers. - South Bay, San Diego 

Coronado Beach - As you head even further north you'll come across Coronado Beach, which is a very popular spot for just sun bathing and relaxing. Though it may get a little busy with locals and tourists. - Coronado, San Diego 

Sunset Cliffs - A popular spot with surfers, and couples who just want to be alone. There is a staircase that leads down to the shore, making it very easy to access. One of the more secluded getaways. - Point Loma, San Diego 

Mission Beach - Mission Beach is popular with roller bladers, swimmers, surfers, and volleyball players consuming mostly the south end of the beach. On the north end of the beach the waters are a little rougher, so you'll sea less beachers however the north end of the beach is home to the Belmont Park roller coaster. - Mission Bay, San Diego 

Pacific Beach - Located just to the north of Mission Beach. Another popular spot for a variety of beachers. There are designated surfing spots and fire rings available. Rather than a boardwalk along the beach front like Mission Beach there are sidewalks, but bike paths and picnic tables are still plentiful. - San Diego 

Ocean Beach - The mile long Ocean Beach is popular spot for just about everyone (surfers, sunbathers, swimmers etc.). The Municipal Pier is located on the south end of the beach. - San Diego 

Children's Pool - A great place to take the kids because of the circular seawall which preserves the shallow lagoon. - La Jolla, San Diego 

La Jolla Cove - A palm tree lined park sits on top of cliffs just above the ocean waters. At low tide Divers and snorkelers enjoy exploring the Underwater Ecological Reserve at La Jolla. - La Jolla, San Diego 

La Jolla Shores - It's the people's choice among San Diego beaches. 

Black's Beach - One of the northern most beaches in the San Diego area and it's said to be a beach for experienced swimmers because of its rough waters. - La Jolla, San Diego 

Del Mar Beach - Most of the beach is very crowded on nice days, so parking is sometimes a problem. Del Mar Beach is very popular for sun bathers, volleyball players and surfers. - La Jolla, San Diego. 

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